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is it possible (and if yes how) to link together two prezi’s?
I would like to have a main prezi (template x). Starting from that main prezi i would like to have several subprezis (with other templates y, z …)
Thanks for hints, Rainer


Linking presentations together is currently not possible in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. Thank you for the idea though, we’ll pass it on to the Product Managers.


@Rainer_Steiger Would creating individual presentations and then adding the links of the subprezis to the main prezi be a workaround you could perhaps use?


Vera, can you go into more depth on how you would accomplish this, please?

I’m interested, as it could help me out with some instances where our Sales team has a (for example) “Meet Our Company” Prezi, as well as a specific “Design Concepts” Prezi, and they don’t like having to close one & open the other if they don’t need to (but it’s simply WAY too much info to put into a single presentation in most cases). Thanks!


Here’s a simple example presentation showing what I meant. It’s really just adding links to other presentations anywhere in the main presentation. It’s a workaround, not actual merging.


Thanks Vera, I was just able to walk through and (I think) I understand now. I’m definitely going to give it a try with some of my own presentations to see how it all flows. For the Analytics & Permissions side- I would assume it works best if the links within the larger Prezi do not require name/email sign in? (I typically ask for identification for the Prezis I send out to our customers, but I imagine it would be annoying to do so multiple times.)


The presentations in my example are all discoverable. If the presentations are private and you’re using a view link, then yes, I wouldn’t require viewer name and email. But it all depends on your specific setup.


I have three presentations, one of which uses a different template than the two others.

I would like to combine the three into one presentation, while still maintaining the original templates.

According to the support forum, this was possible in Prezi Classic, even with different templates, but when I try the same solution in Prezi Next it loses its template formatting :frowning:

Any ideas on how to do this?

Best regards,


@Jesper_Pedersen I’ve merged your question to a thread discussing a similar question, please see Vera’s workaround suggestion above.