Link to a picture as a picture

Hi there,
I really miss the pasting as a text a link to a picture in order to insert that picture, that was so very cool and intuitive. Why did you leave it out? Now I have to download it in a temp folder, upload it, delete it locally…
While we are at it in nostalgia mode, 2ble-clic to enter a new text was as well very productive in my opinion, you don’t do anything with 2ble-clic now, so… ? :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this super product! Best regards, Christian

Hey @Christian_Mercat currently the image insert function works only either from the image library, or from locally uploaded images. You can also save images from other presentations you have to your Prezi Library and insert from there.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Dear Sam, I figured that out, thanks. It was a simple feature suggestion :wink:


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