Link to specific part of a prezi

After I’ve embedded a prezi, how do I create links next to the side that allow the viewer to go directly to a specific part of the prezi such as in this instance:

Hi Josh,

In prezi you can create path points wish allow the viewer to go through your prezi in that specific order you have set up.
This link you just sent me is a regular prezi, and the first path point is an image that 
explains that if you click on play the prezi will automatically play
(in autoplay function
If you click in the arrow you can advance to the next step,
and if you choose the full screen you can view the whole prezi  in full screen.
This is not an hyperlinked prezi, because we do not support this feature officially.

Hope it helps!

Hello Josh Mcqueen,

as well as the things that Nicole mentions there is an experimental API that could help you which you could find out about here

This is not that easy but can be used to get the links alongside an embedded Prezi



This did not help at all.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.