Linkedin login for desktop application

How do I login with linkedIN on the mac client?

How do I use my prezi for Mac? Without this, it’s pretty useless.

The Help article is not available.  I have an account linked to LinkedIn and I upgraded it and am paying for it but now it keeps asking me for a password that I don ́t have and can ́t reset. I can ́t even use the LinkedIn login to post on this forum either. Looks like the integration with LinkedIn credentials creates more problems than the one it solves.

I have the same problem. Does that mean I’ve lost all my prezis?i need help to transfer them to my new account, but If I can’t log in via LinkedIn how else can I get access to my old account?

I have the same problem - I used to login with my Linkedin account. I have some important stuff here. I tried to use the forgot password, but it never sends me any email…

Please help.
Kind regards.

I already did and when I log in, there’s nothing there but a message saying that I haven’t done any prezis yet. I really need them cause it’s a matter of work

Similar problem to mine. I used Linked account to log in Prezi now with the same email but couldn’t recover my prezi. please help.