Links from images

Anyone knows if it is possible to make a link from an image on Prezi? I do not want to display the URL. Also I want to know if there is a way to put a contact form? thanks a lot

Hello e agudelo,

unfortunately links from images are not supported by Prezi at this time - you may be able to use a workaround by hiding the hyperlink text behind an object (png, swf file) in some way?




I tried hiding a hyperlink behind an object. If it’s on top I can click on it and it opens the URL. If I “send it to back” and try again, it does not open it. Ideas?


Hello Robin Pierman,

yes you’ll find that .pngs do not work but try a .swf image and that seems to be OK. The built in symbols and shapes seem to work so these may help. Also if it is a particularly long URL you could use a URL shortener to make it smaller (Google URL shortener for example).



Hi John, Thank you very much, I think your recomendation will be a great help.


Nope. Still having trouble. I’m using a built-in symbol (the house). I’ve got a working hyperlink on top of the house and it works. But if I move behind the house, I can’t click on it.

For such a great product, this is probably one of the biggest negatives about Prezi. The application is based on presentation but then you have an ugly url to get to another web page. I have been following this problem for years and none of the band aide solutions are really satisfactory. For Prezi to truely be ahead of the rest how about fixing up this one.

Need to add this function Prezi team !  It is critical in an application focused on visual presentation to be able to link images.  Could be a deal breaker forcing me to leave Prezi.  Please fix this !!!

Im wondering why such basic function isnt implemented. I basically have to use another tool only because of that : /

6 months and nothing addressing this Prezi.  Shame on you.  I’m looking for another application to replace you.

Hello Vera,

Is there any feedback from teh product team? Thank.


What other tool are you using?  I need this functionality too.

dang this string of emails is 7 months old… and still nothing! 

The only short term solutions (beyond product development obvi) I have come up with are hiding the url against a same color object (but leaving it in front so it is still “clickable”), or shrinking the url font down to a minuscule size and remembering where I hid it against an image.  Neither are top notch solutions, but just a little brainstorming.  

This needs to be on the short term roadmap then. Otherwise, Prezi is just DOS in a Mac world. Please catch your product up with the times. Prezi is a great idea, but it is frustrating when a seemingly basic feature isn’t even on the radar.

Two years ago, and this simple function isn’t in Prezi Next. The only way to add links to the presentation is by adding a text with the full http adress. What are you doing?