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I’m new on Prezi and I have some question about how to create what I have in my mind. I would like to create a catalog of products which could be interactive. About this last point, Prezi seems to be really great. However, I would link to include some caracteristics in the catalog that I’m not sure are able to be done on Prezi :

  • Hyperlinks : some products pages should be linked with external website for theire content (video, image, demo). I saw it was possible to include video and image directly in the prezy, that’s cool. But, I would like to know if the hyperlink could be a “button” => a word or a image on which it’s possible to clic to go to the external content.
  • Internal linking : In my mind, this catalog should include “cross sales”. A product page must be linked with another (when you buy a book it can be interesting to recommand the books of same autor on the page) through a internal link (link between 2 prezi pages). Thos 2 pages won’t be on the same category, so they won’t be presented in a linear way => is it possible to do so ?
  • Research : last, I would like to know of it’s possible to make a research into a prezi presentation ( a kind of ctrl+f) => so users can go directly to the page they are interested in.

Thanks !

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Hello @Mathilde_Tab, I will address your questions in several parts:

  • Hyperlinks: although it’s still not possible to hyperlink text/images in Prezi Next, as this feature is currently under development, you can check the following workaround;

  • Internal linking: currently it’s only possible to insert a link to an external website (or a view link of a different presentation), but it’s not possible to connect pages from different topics. You are able to zoom out of the topic you are presenting and zoom back into a previous topic at any point of the presentation path. Then you can go back to the original topic and continue your presentation from there. You can check this video example :slight_smile:

  • Research: at the moment it’s not possible to search key words in a presentation when presenting once our presentations are rendered, it’s only possible to do so when you’re editing;

Let us know if this could help!

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How do I add a regular link, though, not a hyperlink? I need the answer urgently!!

Hello @Suditi_Patil, you can simply copy/paste your link into the presentation :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!