Links within web embedded Prezi Next?

I’m hoping to use a stylish Prezi Next as a ‘table of contents’ for a web handbook I’m working on.

It started off well - links in Prezis work fine, and the embedding works OK. BUT…

Links don’t seem to work in the embedded presentation. I’ve tried different browsers, adding ?&wmode=opaque , even just trying it in a local html file. They all support mouse clicks fine, but the links don’t seem to be active at all.

Is there any way to enable links in a web-embedded presentation?

  • Charles

Hello, @Charles_Weir. Unfortunately, at the moment links are not enabled in embedded presentations. We have forwarded your feedback to the responsible team. We are very sorry if it is causing any inconvenience.

@Charles_Weir, we have run some tests and established that the issue is connected to the popup blocker. If popups are allowed, everything should work. If you are still experiencing the issue, please let us know.

Wow! That does indeed fix it.

Hmm - that won’t work for my initial purpose, as a sophisticated table of contents; I can’t ask everyone to change their configuration just to read the contents! :thinking:

But it would work as a ‘see more’ link in an explanation Prezi; people could ignore the links or chose to change their config.

Many thanks - both to you and to the team who investigated it!

  • Charles

I am glad we could help. Please feel free to reach out any time you have a question!