Live & Corporate Events


When doing GFX (Graphics) for Live or Corporate Events, when and or if clients send in or present on site a Prezi link, The typical response is to ask if they have a powerpoint of the file since it will not play properly with the AV teams current set up. I will start with the main issue with tech tend to not run Prezi on a Live Event. I write these as we do any event where Prezi failed not Prezi itself since it an online based program but the fact its an online based program it failed.

  1. It is highly recommended to keep show computers offline at all times. being over hotel wifi speeds can be unpredictable, you could get kicked off at any moment, being connected with a hard line typically has an extra cost for the end client. Computers have a number of pop-ups or general system maintenance remembers for updated that sometimes can disable the clickers function to advance the slide. and of course the worse situation the internet browsers could shut down for any number of reasons

  2. We always have the computer in extended mode so that the switcher/screens only see the content while the engineer can see what slide is on the screen which is next and how many are left so that we can keep up with Audio and Lighting cues for the event based on when the last slide would play. With Prezi, we lose all control of them and lose the ability to keep the show seamless. Also sometimes there is no wifi or internet at an event

  3. We lose the ability to fix and sizing or aspect ratio problems on the fly.

Now a couple of things am not sure about…

  1. Can you play Prezi on 2 computer at the same time? what am asking is can a user be logged into 2 computers at the same time so that the Video Engineer has a back up in case one of the computers fails?

  2. Will, there be in the future a downloadable link for Freelancers or none Prezi member to download their content and play it on a computer that is not online and that still allow a presenter view style of set up for a more similes show?


For situations like this, we would encourage the presenters to export their presentations in a downloaded presentation format. It can be played on multiple computers at the same time.


That situation would be virtually impossible unless the crew knew ahead of time or the presenter was aware of the limits to using Prezi in a Live Events setting. Which clearly a high amount of presenter would not know this since they are using your service. It seems the answer then is to continue to tell the presenters we cannot play them and to provide a powerpoint.