Live Polling


Has there been any update to adding live polling to prezi? Apart from, is there any other option where one can use text message polling?


Live polling is currently not possible in Prezi Next but we keep monitoring this feature request so that our Product Team can prioritize it accordingly.


Hey everyone,

in my mind it would be awesome if Prezi Next integrate a Polling tool. For Example slido or Mentimeter.

But not just integrate it, better would be an own tool where the Presenter could generate Questions (open, with answers and so on) and also see directly the result of the audience who vote via Mobilephone.

Hope that something like this will be intergrated soon. Because if not just PPT is able to do it -.-




@Sven_Maassen, it is a good suggestion, and I have merged your idea into an existing topic. Please check out @Vanda’s answer above.


I would also like to request this feature. I can’t imagine a better way to take Prezi to the next level! I would undoubtedly be willing to upgrade to a paid plan for this feature.