Live Prezi being slow


I have tried NEXT on two presentations, and the concept is nice. However, the slow performance of the presentations, and the complaints I received when trying to use “Live Prezi” with other users said it was taking over 5 minutes to load on their screens, coupled with the fact that Next Desktop app freezes in the middle of a presentation constantly, makes this new version unusable for me. I think that this version was released before it was ready. I need to stay with Classic and PowerPoint as a result.


@Robert_Malone Did you make sure to recommend the approved browsers with the Live participants? For example, if someone was trying to use IE or Edge, the performance would be extremely poor. Just a thought. I know we’ve had similar issues until I kept reminding the team (over & over & over) to use Chrome.


All of the recipients were instructed to use Chrome.


I am sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced with Live Prezi.
Please know that for the best performance it is advisable to utilize Prezi Desktop application when using Live Prezi. Also, it could be helpful to make sure that the computer meets the system requirements and that the internet connection is stable and strong.


Actually, the desktop app performs much worse than the live online Prezi for doing live presentations. Neither, however, is acceptable due to the poor performance, sluggishness, stuttering, and delayed zooming. Classic ran much better, and for now I have had to revert to PowerPoint 2016 until NEXT shows some signs of usability.



We agree with you. Our app also runs very slow. We have for now fully stopped Prezi Next production completely. We will use Classic for as we can, but we are also going back to PowerPoint2016 and if nothing happens in the next few months, Prezi will lose our company for good. They have already lost our promotion of it. :slight_smile: Very sad for such a promising product.


Same here.
I am using a single PDF file created from an SVG file (10 MB PDF) and intend to create a prezi simply with zoom areas.
The quality of the importad PDF is much better than in Prezi Classic, however although Chrome is quicker than Firefox 64bit it is still a very slow rendering: the image is blurred for a while before becoming sharp. When I go back to a previous slide in the presentation, the same happens. Actually even while zooming from an area to the next, the previous area as well as the rest of the background already starts blurring.
I hope this issue will soon be solved. The advantage of Prezi Next over Classic is the better import of the PDF (better quality), but the cost in fluidity is too high.


Sorry my notes that follow are about using Prezi Next in Edit mode.
Oh dear. I switched to Prezi Next and used it a lot in June. I suffered the burden of not being able to reuse my prezi classic presentations that I have been using for years. I redid what I needed to do. I noticed it was a bit slow. Now in the past 2 days I have been using it a lot as I approach a deadline. Oi gevalt! Is it slow? Yesterday was a bit concerning. Today it is all but unusable.

Any advice. I cannot be switching products like this? Google Slides perhaps.


We have stopped using Next for critical presentations due to this slowdown. It looks TERRIBLE when using a projector and is embarrassing to our trainers. I will not give a suggestion for a different presentation option, because last time I did, I was chastised by the Prezi forum people. Sorry. (There are other presentation tools out there though to look at if Prezi continues to not work for you.) A workaround for this situation though, is to stay with Classic. We have done this very thing and just the other day, my trainer was complimented on the amazing Classic presentation but when they used the Next version a few weeks ago, they got complaints about being distracted when the presentation kept going in and out of the overview page after each topic. It is a real problem on top of the presentation running slower than Classic. I just don’t get what Prezi thinks is so GREAT about Next for those customers who do not need nor want the “conversational” mode.



I’ve finally transitioned to my first Prezi Next and did a run-through with a colleague. The Live Prezi kept disconnecting on one side or the other. We are both using Chrome on Mac.

We do not have the same problem using “Present Remotely” on Prezi Classic.

We spent a lot of time transitioning to the Prezi Next platform and have two weeks of remote presentations scheduled. Is this a known issue? I could not find anything on the support forum or knowledge base.



@David_Park I am very sorry about this experience, this is a know issue that has been reported to our developers and they are working on fixing it. Meanwhile I can recommend you to use Zoom or Skype to do the remote presentation (or at least test whether you can avoid the constant disconnecting with these tools). If it is a suitable solution, I can also recommend you to record the presentation with a screencast software and add voiceover to it, then share the video file or link.


Hi Agnes,

Thank you. Some feedback - this would have been good to know before we planned on a series of Prezi sessions with our clients. I was not able to find information on this issue in the community forum, knowledgebase, or in the Help guide.

We spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this problem.



Thank you for the feedback, @David_Park. The fact that the lack of information on Prezi slowed down your work process will be brought to the responsible team’s attention.


Thank you, Lana!