Live Prezi inconsistent audio playback for embedded videos

When playing a Live Prezi presentation on different computers, the videos work fine but their audio does not work or works randomly. Sometimes it is necessary to reload the browser page in the same session for the video to play again. The result is random, sometimes the sound of the videos is played on some computers and the same video on another computer does not play the sound.
When the page is reload, that same video will have sound again and other videos of the presentation, which previously had sound, no longer have it.
Is there a way that all videos have sound for all attendees on all computers?
Currently the result is very unprofessional. Thanks

Hi @Javier_Portoles, thanks for reporting this issue.

I’ve forwarded this report to our developers and we will update this thread if we have any news.

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No news? Can you tell me if anyone has the same issue? Thanks

Hi @Javier_Portoles, this is a known general bug in our software that we have reported to our developers. We’ll update this thread if we have any news.

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