Live Prezi (Present remotely) not available on Prezi Viewer app

I created a presentation using Prezi Next and when I use the mac or desktop app version or a browser, I can send a Live Prezi link to people with no problem. But when I access my presentation using a tablet or phone using the viewer app or browser I cannot find the Live Prezi option to send to people. However, if I switch to the Prezi Classic version inside the Prezi Viewer app, I see the “Present Remotely” option. Is Prezi Live not an option in Prezi Next when using the Viewer app?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi @CIH_Marketing again! :slight_smile:

I’ve contacted our developers and unfortunately, starting a Prezi Live from your mobile device is not an available feature for Prezi Next presentations even though it is available for Classic presentations.

I’ll forward this request to our product team.

Thanks for the quick response Bart and for forwarding the feature request. Is there a workaround for the time being? I’ve tried opening Prezi via a browser on mobile and tablet to see if I can do it that way but it keeps pulling up the mobile version site so the option is not available. When I try to load the desktop version on the tablet, it still only gives me the same limited options. While on mobile/tablet browser, I have also tried to open the presentation via edit to see if the options are there but when I do that it goes to a 404 page.

Hi @CIH_Marketing, could you please detail the use case where you need to use your mobile device to control a Live presentation?

In case you would like to control a presentation where you are personally present with the audience, you can use the presentation remote function.

If you would like to control a Live presentation for a remote presentation, you would need to control it from a computer for the time being.

Hi Bart,
A couple of instances would be if our team is doing a presentation at a client’s location and they only have their phones or tablets. If they have the Prezi Live option, they wouldn’t have to connect their device via adaptors to a monitor or screen. They could either send it to everyone present and everyone can follow along on their own device, Or if they were provided a laptop by the client to present with, they wouldn’t have to sign in to their Prezi account and start the presentation, they can just start the Prezi Live from their phone and open the link via a browser on that laptop and have people follow along with ease.

The remote mode you suggested also requires a Bluetooth connection. What if the PC they were offered didn’t have that capability? And plus, now they are stuck with figuring out another tech feature (starting the Prezi and then trying to connect via Bluetooth) while clients are waiting on them. Tech is great when it works, but we all know, the less you have to figure out or try to connect in front of customers the better the meeting/ pitch will go.

These are just a few scenarios. I’m sure there would be more benefits to having the Live Prezi option on the mobile app that I’m not thinking of now.


Thanks, @CIH_Marketing, I’ll forward this feedback to our product team.