Loading SVG images is a chore

I thought I’d have a go at using Prezi to describe the architecture of a project I’m working on. So I search the web for logos of the stuff we’re using in the tech stack. I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.

I open the Linux Tux logo from Wikipedia:


Hit ctrl+c, go back to prezi tab and hit ctrl+v. Nothing happens.

Okay, try right click and paste. Get a popup saying I have to use ctrl+v. grr.

So I save the image to my disk, then upload it through the new image dialog. “Error saving element” popup and a blank screen.

I hit the back button. I lose the link to the thing I was working on, so I click forward to get back to it. While it loads I open the image back up in another tab.

So I take a screenshot of the image instead. Not a great solution. ctrl+v? nope, nothing.

I have to open up paint, paste it in there, save it to PNG.

I switch back to the prezi tab. It actually does the reload now, I have to wait for that before I can upload the image.

When the image appears on the screen, it’s enormous and obscured by the add image dialogue, which I have to close to get it out of the way.

After doing this 3 times, I press ctrl+w and go to alternativeto.net


  • fix paste for images and urls to images
  • sanitize your svg files on the way in rather than explode at runtime.
  • recover from an error gracefully by reloading immediately (at least once, in case it gets stuck in a loop)
  • test this basic UX stuff so it doesn’t fail so uglily