"loading wheel" in the overview


I have this constant loading wheel. Is it there on both edit and present mode?

Quick question again

Hello, @Mark_Prevost. Could you please make sure your machine fits the system requirements? And it would be helpful if you would share a link to the presentation with us.

Also, please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome


I’m having the same problem. See following link:


I’m using a Mac and all of the latest software versions as well as google Chrome.


Thanks, we looked into the issue and it seems like this is a bug triggered by adding and then deleting a background image to templates that originally don’t have backgrounds.

We already reported the issue, the workaround for this is to use the Remove background option or to insert a new image.

@Danielle_Rurawhe I also created a Support Copy for you and used this button, therefore you should not see the loading wheel there anymore!



I extended a presentation in the browser application at home yesterday. Today it was not updated in the PreziNext program on another PC. On the picture you can see the template. In the middle a red box. In this one a wheel, which turns constantly.
What does this mean? it is synchronized. Only I miss my changes from yesterday evening.
Both PCs are connected to the internet.

Thanks for every help


Hello @Lukas_Gebbeken, we merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above:

Meanwhile, we have removed the loading wheel from your presentation, but we cannot see any loss of content registered in our database.