Local presentation with the Prezi Next desktop application



I used to create presentations with Prezi Classic Desktop and because of confidentiality, my prezi were local .
I do not see the same way to work in Prezi Next Classic : everything seems to be on the cloud. It is a real problem for my company.
Can you confirm me this local possibility has disappeared ? Is it planned to implement it in Prezi Next ? If not, I will have to use another tool …


Synchronization Desktop-App <> Cloud

Currently, Prezi Next does not offer local only creation in the desktop application. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We know this feature is crucial for many businesses, we’ll let the responsible product team know about your request, as well.


Vanda, can you clarify a bit here? Since Next doesn’t offer an “Explore” feature, it was my understanding that no one else could randomly stumble upon anyone else’s presentations, so in essence they are all basically confidential even if stored in the cloud. (You need a link to view in all cases.) I think that may assure myself & others, even when desktop-only isn’t an option.


@Plastic_Ingenuity Yes, you are right, presentations can only be accessed if you provide a link to the viewer.

On the other hand, we’re aware that there are companies who can’t let their content be synced to the cloud in any way, and for this reason, they are only able to use the desktop-only creation process.


OK, thanks, I appreciate the prompt reply!


Hi Vanda,
1st) The fact that presentations can only be accessed with the link basically means that Prezi Next’s are always “hidden”.
For privacy reasons it’s important that this doesn’t suddenly change. Can you confirm that creating an “explore” option is not on the short-term roadmap?

2nd) What is the timeline regaring fully offline prezi next’s? I have a corporate assignment coming in August that under no circumstances can be uploaded to the cloud … Is it in the roadmap or not?


@Paul_Naveau I am not authorized to share any elements of our development plan publicly, I’m afraid, but I can say that neither the Explore page nor local presentations are on our immediate roadmap for the time being.


Ok thank you, then at least I know I need to shut up about Prezi Next to my client because we won’t be able to use it anyway until a fully offline presentation becomes available.



I have been a user of Prezi classic on and off over the past few years, i have noticed that Prezi Next is the new version being pushed. One of my main requirements is to create and store prezis locally, is this possible with prezi next and if not what licence or version do i need in order to do this?

Best regards


@Alan_Mangan creating local presentations as in Prezi Classic is currently not available in Next, I’m afraid.



I will start with my questioning and leave my comments below.

First I am looking into upgrading my account to be able to use the desktop software. In order for me to use Prezi I need to know that if the presentation is started on my local computer, will it stay local?

My presentation will include ITAR documents and need to know if these files will be moved over the web and stored on some server elsewhere. I know that the online version is stored on amazon servers but will the local software do the same?

As for my comments. I find it unheard of that I have to pay X amount of dollars to call or email you this question. I’m a prospect customer digging through a message board to reach out to a company that I want to do business with.



Also, can I start a presentation on the desktop software? Simple questions that a phone call could handle about your product before I spend money. Seems backwards to spend money to ask the questions to find out the software cant do what you want. Very uninformed buyer here.


@Jeff_Tatum creating completely local presentations in the Prezi Desktop application is currently not possible, I’m afraid. To start a presentation in the desktop app is already possible, though. We understand the importance of providing local only creation, and we’ll channel this request to the Product Team.

Even though the technical phone support is only available for paying users, we regularly monitor and answer requests on this forum, as well. We’re happy to help in case of any further questions.


I want to respond for clarification.

Prezi Next Desktop - Does not offer local only presentations ( cannot start the presentation locally )?

Prezi Classic Desktop - Does offer local only presentations ( and can start the presentation locally )?

Is this correct? I believe I see two different responses from Prezi on this topic.


Yes, that’s correct. In Prezi Classic you could create local files while in Prezi Next this feature is not available for the time being.

It’s an often requested feature and we definitely understand the value of it for our customers. I’ll post any updates in this thread.

Until then I could suggest a workaround for you: create the presentation in the desktop application without connecting to the internet and then export the presentation for offline use. Before connecting to the internet, delete the presentation from the desktop application. This way you will have the offline standalone presentation which you can present (not edit) and nothing will be synced to our servers.


14 Months has gone by, and still nothing on another Prezi Next “removed feature” you have acknowledged you know is important for your customers. Like just about every other thread about missing critical features, it starts in May '17 with “yes, we know this is critical and are working on it” and then nothing useful since. Prezi is starting to look like the SaaS equivalent of abandonware.

I’m just one of your customers who loves the nature and vision of your product and am loyal because of that, but I despair at your lazy and arrogant non-execution on some of this critical stuff. Judging from the private messages I receive every time I post here, I’m not the only person feeling the pain. You need to do something about this while you still have customers left.



I’m new to Prezi and before I start to use it, I’ve a question referring to the desktop-app and cloud-synchronization:

We want to use it in our company and due to privacy-reasons, a cloud-synchronization is not suitable for us.

Does the desktop-app synchronize all presentations with the cloud? Or can I work “completely offline” (without synchronization)?

Thanks in Advance for your support!




@Dennis_Kolberg for the time being this is not possible, I’m afraid. Our Product Team is aware of this request and we understand its value, but this is not on the short-term roadmap, I’m afraid. We will make sure to post any updates about this request in this topic!