Locking frame to background image

I want to use a solar system background for my students to post their information on. I put a frame dead center on the sun but every time I zoom the frame moves off the sun. I have attached a screen shot of what I mean. I want to be able to lock the frame to the background so that when we zoom in and out the frame stays on the planet.

Hello Patty Hanafee,

if I understand you correctly then you need to place your background directly on to the Prezi canvas and not insert as a 3d background. You can insert the image in the normal way in to the Prezi and then use right click and send to back to make sure it is the lower most object - then place all your other content / frames on top of this image. http://bit.ly/1t2MMPy  and http://bit.ly/1jSWbJE and http://bit.ly/1jSWbJE and http://bit.ly/1Ej2zQW

hope this helps