Locking objects?

I don’t have the “lock” option by right-clicking - do I need to upgrade?

Hi @rob_fleming, could you please elaborate on that? Are you working in Prezi Design, Prezi Present or Prezi Video?

Which lock option do you mean exactly? Could you show me an example of that?

Hi — Adobe illustrator lets you “lock” images in the back so they can’t move while manipulating objects above. Or some software packages use layers that can be locked or unlocked…right now I use prezi for collaborative work and people keep moving objects by accident. I know that i could place a background image but i’d rather be able to lock objects


prezi design as an added peiece of info

Agree that locking would be helpful.

Hello @rob_fleming and @Plastic_Ingenuity,

Locking objects is available in Prezi Design - select the object or objects you wish to lock, right-click and select Lock. To select several objects hold Shift or lasso them with the mouse.
Here is also a tutorial on that: Object locking in Prezi Design

What about in Prezi Present if I’m just making a “basic” presentation? (Sorry, I see OP mention Design, but I’m more interested in using in the slides/pages I create.)

Apologies – It is for prezi present, when I am building a file in prezi to be used in class, i need to lock images in place. I am now having to switch over to conceptboard because it is really easy to lock images in place - i guess i need to go and see what prezi design is now…-- ok i checked – that will not serve my purposes

Hi, it is currently not possible to lock objects in Prezi Present, I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

Are there plans to make the functions available in all Prezi products? or is it just hit and miss?

Hi @Clara_Aleman, this feature is currently not on our roadmap, we’ll update this thread once we have any news.