Logitech c922 zoom/crop not working properly

Hello, just to inform that with standard controller (not Logitech Capture as it is a highg resource consuming) the zoom is not working fine, as it does in other applications (skype, zoom, googlemeet, OBS). With c920 the problem is the same. Hope the development team can solve this issue as it is a very popular cam and a very useful tool to have zoom so to compose the video better.
Thank you in advance, best regards.

Hi @victor_maesschalck, could you please elaborate on this a bit further?

Are you using the desktop application or the browser version of Prezi Video? How should this zoom work exactly?

Hello Bart. thank you. I am using the desktop version of Prezi Video.
Logitech has an application called Camera Settings that have many controls, zoom control, pan and tilt is one of them, and it is not working as it should (as it do works fine in other application - Zoom, GoogleMett, Logitech Capture).
Thank you again, I hope further version of the great great Prezi Video can solve this problem with a popular cam the one I’ve mentioned . Sorry for my English (Spanish is my mother tongue) and cheers. Hope you all are ok.

more, in the online application, has a better performance, as zoom has 3 discrete step - acceptable behavior zoom, (in spite it is not a continuous form the min to the max zoom posible…
In the desktop application it has only one step little zoom, almost nothing,

Hi @victor_maesschalck, thanks for sharing more details.

So if I understood correctly no matter what setup you configure in the Camera Settings, it is not applied when you use your camera with Prezi Video, right? So you change the settings, then you connect your camera to Prezi Video and it stays on its default settings?

Feel free to answer in Spanish if that’s more comfortable, I can use a translator to understand it. :slight_smile:

Hola Bart! muchas gracias por tu mensaje. El problema en la aplicación de escritorio de Prezi Video no son todos los settings de la cámara, sino solamente el control de zoom de la cámara, que produce un solo y pequeño acercamiento. En la aplicación web de Prezi Video, permite 3 estados discretos de acercamiento, en lugar del suave zoom que va desde lejos a muy cerca que ofrece el control de la cámara Logitech Camera Settings con otras aplicaciones (Zoom, skype, google meet, Logitech Capture, entre otros).

Hi @victor_maesschalck, thanks for the details!

Could you also let me know if you are on Windows or Mac?

Windows 10 PRO and windows 10 home, same problem in both…

Thanks, @victor_maesschalck, I’ve forwarded that to our developers. we’ll update this thread once we have any news.

Thank you a lot Bart for your interest and dedication with this matter. Cheers from Buenos Aires. Hope you all are ok.