Logitech Spotlight no longer advances slides

My logitech spotlight used to work perfectly with Prezi. Both Prezi and the remote have the latest versions installed. Slides no longer advance with the remote. The buttons, however, work with all other applications. Is this a reported bug? Very annoying.

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@Jim_Vaselopulos Sorry for the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. Does the issue persist with all your presentations or just one in particular?

Could you let us know what version exactly you are using + the system and technical specs of your computer so we can test it as well? Thanks in advance.

I’ve been experiencing the same problems for about three weeks. We’re using a macbook with Mojave. We bought the Logitech Spotlight especially for presenting with Prezi. I hope you can find a solution. I emailed you this a few weeks ago but didn’t get any relevant response.

Sorry for the difficulties, we are forwarding this info to the development team and hopefully will be able to provide a workaround soon!

Using latest version of Prezi and macOS. It does persist with other Prezis.

I think it might have to do with some security settings in Mojave.

Jim Vaselopulos

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Thanks for the info @Jim_Vaselopulos, let us consult the development team and we will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully with a workaround.


Any updates as I am having this problem too?

To solve this you have to go into your security preferences. You then have to go into Accessibility and authorize LogiPresentation to control your computer. After this it works again.

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Hi! I have the same issue: My Spotlight Presenter connects to my MacBook Pro and seems to work. I can use the extra features like the Laser and blackening the screen, but I can’t advance or move back in my slides. I have updated the OS and the Logitech Presenter software several times and checked all the boxes in the security preferences. Still it does not work. I do however blieve this is an issue that Logitech needs to solve since it 's the same when using PowerPoint.

I have contacted Logitech support several times but up to now they did not provide a solution.

Hello @Harald_Koberg, have you checked this solution already?

As you mentioned, this might be rather more connected to the hardware itself, as you’re experiencing the same issue with PPT. Could you please send us the e-mail or page you’ve used to reach out to Logitech? We can try to assist with it :slight_smile: