Logitech Webcam C930e issues


One of my customer has the following issue: the prezi video app does not want to launch when his External logitec webcam C930e is pluged in his laptop. He has the same issue with Google meet too. I made a quick repair of Prezi Video app , no luck.

Any help from you would be appreciated.

Hello @Paul_Celin, could you please let me know if this is happening on Windows or Mac?

If the same thing happens with Google Meet as well then it should not be an issue with Prezi Video, but rather with the system itself.

Hello Bart,

It happens on Windows and that’s a new computer. The customer bought it recently.

Thanks for your reply.


Thanks, @Paul_Celin. If this happens with multiple applications that it is most probably an issue on the system rather than any of the applications.

Please try to refresh all the drivers and install all the updates to the Operating system and then try again.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your reply. I did that same issue.



Hello @Paul_Celin, could you please let me know what happens exactly when you are trying to launch Prezi Video and what happens when you are launching Google Meet?

Could you please make a screen recording of the issue from the beginning till the end so I can help you better? Could you also show on the video what happens if you have the camera unplugged?

Hi Bart,

I am waiting for the customer and I will get back to you with the screen recording.

Thnaks for you help.


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