Looks like there was an issue loading fonts

Too times when I use Prezi Next Desktop I get this issue.

This leaves me in a state of distrust as I have no idea on how this error message will effect my presentation. I never see a problem with my font when I get this message but always feel that when if saves something will break.

When I click OK I get this blank message, that I reported in a previous issue.

When I click OK on the blank message I get this spinning screen. It’s stuck there:

I don’t dare click “Update fonts” and click “cancel” and pray for the best. But cancel does not work so I choose Close on my Prezi windows on the Windows 10 task bar. Prezi next closes immediately. Now I really feel things are broken. Is my presentation correct, did Prezi Next desktop alter my presentation or are the font really broken?

I restart Prezi Next Desktop and go back to same presentation to edit. Everything works normal. This happens to me about every 10th-20th time I open a presentation to edit. It’s been happening for months.

My internet connection is fine. With this last test I’m on an ethernet cable and by speed test is 960mgps download and 41mbps upload.

Hi @JJ_JJ, I have forwarded this issue to our developers, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible regarding this.

Exact same issue here. It happens intermittently with no change in fonts, so I agree, makes me worried that when presenting will get stuck in endless loop looking for fonts.

Hi @Brian_Le, this issue is being investigated by our developers.

As a workaround, you can export your presentation as a portable file that you can present without the desktop application and the font loading should not be an issue there.

@Bart The workaround is to kill all the Prezi desktop processes and start the desktop application again. I haven never seen the problem happen twice after restarting, but that does not mean it could not happen. The issue is easily avoided by simply restarting, however it leaves us will a distraction and feeling of mistrust that something got corrupted.

Thanks, @JJ_JJ, we’ll update this thread once the issue is fixed!

Has there been an update on this? I haven’t been able to work on prezi’s all afternoon due to this font issue.

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Hi any updates on this? I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve tried restarting everyone, tried downloading the Prezi to the desktop app… Still getting the “loading fonts” and perpetually spinning circle. Thanks.

Hi, same problem here. Sometimes this resolves after startup. At the moment–it does not.

Hi everyone, this issue is being investigated by our developers. We’ll update this thread once we have any news.