Lost all of my updates when I synced a prezi file to the server


I had 20+ hours into a local file, had saved it all the way along and when I synced it to the server, it rolled back all the way to the very initial version (a copy from a previous prezi). All the changes are lost. I went into my hard drive and into the prezi folder and I see a subfolder with the content (it has all of the updated images) and tried the solution on another website of zipping the content into a .pez file and importing but it didn’t work (prezi said the file is corrupt). I am using Prezi classic and really need the updated presentation back. Any ideas??


Hello, @Ryan_Donahoe. I am sorry if you have faced with any inconvenience in connection to this. Could you please send us a link to the presentation? We would be happy to take a look at the versions we have saved in the system.

Also, please know that as this is a Prezi Next forum, we would like to suggest posting Prezi Classic-related issues on the Prezi Classic forum where our staff will be happy to help.