Lost Presentation


I recently made a presentation on the classic dashboard. I saved it and loaded it multiple times. I went to study it today as I have to present next week. It shows I have one presentation but when i try and load it I get a 404 error message. I have tried chrome, firefox and safari. I have enable cookies and nothing seems to work. I am really upset as I don’t have time to redo the school project.



Hi @Mia_Binks, could you send us the link of the presentation (maybe look for it in your browser history) so we can track it down? Thanks in advance.


I can’t find it in my history. When I go on the classic dashboard and try to load it I can go in the « share »…it won’t seem to copy the link but what I can see is…


Not sure if there is anything after the last m?


I’m very sorry but there is no data saved in this presentation in our system, therefore there is nothing we could restore.

What most probably happened is that something went while trying to save the edits and now the whole presentation is corrupted. This is caused by certain firewall settings which is common if you are working from a school network for instance.

Please make sure to read this post and consult with the IT department.

Moreover, if you still have the original version of the presentation you reused, please send it to us and we will try to assist you with transfering it to your account.