Lost Unsaved Update

Dear Prezi,

I spent 20 hours or so preparing for today’s presentation on medical branding to a group of very busy senior-level Physicians.

15 minutes prior to our screen share, I manually saved. It hung up saving and saving for 10 minutes or so. I had to force quit. Based on the version that remained in my account, it’s clear that it hadn’t backed up in about half an hour or more and I lost the final screen ordering as well as 3-4 important slides.

The presentation had to go on and it was embarrassing needless to say! Can you please:

  1. See if possible to locate a saved version from 1:00 PM or later (up till 1:30PM)? Link to prezi:

  2. Explain why this might have happened and whether it is something I should expect to encounter ever again?

Thank you.