Low audio level on Desktop App

When I record a video on the Prezi Video Desktop app, the audio is extremely low compared to the online app. I uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled several times, I uninstalled all by audio apps (like Krisp.AI and soundbooster), but NOTHING! Please help! I just bought the updated package and prefer the desktop app to the online app because of the ability to record for an unlimited time (compared to only 15 minutes on the online app). But the sound level is terrible.

Hello @Samar_Abou_El_Nour, could you please let me know if you are on Windows or Mac?

Are you using any external microphones on your device?

Hello @Bart, I’m using a Windows device with a professional external USB microphone. The settings on my device and on Prezi Video desktop are adjusted to use my external microphone.

Hi @Samar_Abou_El_Nour, could you please send me a screenshot showing that your external microphone is selected in Prezi Video? You can find this in the menu of the application around the camera settings.

Please also make sure that you have a proper microphone level set in your settings.