Mac and Safari doesn't work

My mac said Prezy use to many energy(8GO of memory only for Prezy), it still don’t charge even with my charger plugged, I mean after running 1 hour, the computer turn off(lack of energy. this happen only when using Prezi with all software turn off.
As developper, this is leak of memory and it comes for bad practice(choice of algorytme and leak memory). But maybe someone found something else figure out?

My configuration :
Macbook Pro 13, 2020, processor Intel
Safari (Version 15.4 (16613., 16613)
OS : Big Sur version 11.6.5

Hello @r2r_Right_to_repair, could you please detail more about what you were doing with Prezi exactly?

As I can see on your screenshot, your computer is charging.

I created my project based on you template, my fans turn on crazy, I wrote text or whatever I’m doing:

When I stop to use Prezy my computer is back to normal.

Hello @r2r_Right_to_repair, thanks for the link.

Could you please login on Google Chrome and see if you experience a different behaviour there?