[MAC] Empty sidebar when importing v 2.5.0

I just updated the desktop Prezi Video app (OSX) to version 2.5.0 and now it is unable to import presentations. When I click “import” it just shows a blank window on the right side of the app. I tried restarting the app, restarting the laptop, and reinstalling the app. Same result. Can I revert to an earlier version? I need to use this in a couple of hours!!

I found a temporary workaround via Chrome. But the original problem needs a solution! My normal workflow is to import from my Prezi account into the video app and I’ve never had a problem before this new update.

Hi @Ed_Webb, thanks for the report. Could you please send me a screenshot of what is happening exactly? Have you tried to reinstall the Prezi Video desktop application?

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue but it seems to be working fine on my end.

As I already said above, I tried reinstalling, to no effect. There is no point sending a screenshot, because literally what I get when I click the “import” link is an entirely blank space on the right side of the app. I’m running OSX 10.15.7 on a MacBook Pro 2015.

Hi @Ed_Webb, thanks for the details, I’m forwarding this to our developers and will update this thread once we have any news.

You can find version 2.4.0 on this link.

Thanks. I just installed the 2.4.0 and now get the same blank panel when I click import! Aaargh.

I’m having the same issue.

Me too…I am working with Chrome now, but this is really inconvenient (I also use OSCatalina 10.15.7 but with a 2020 Macbook)

Having the same issue while trying to add visuals on both Macbook Pro and iMac. Running Version 2.5.0 (9062).
However, that same feature works fine when I use the online version, unfortunately, when I click on Present on a Video Call, it takes me right back to the Prezi Video app and I can’t use the feature anymore.

One workaround I found is that you can drag and drop items to your screen (video) and it adds it as a new slide for you. Not ideal but could help someone in the meantime.

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Hello @CIH_Marketing, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

It looks like currently, the sidebar is not working on macOS Catalina. Our team is looking into the issue. In case you could update your OS on your Mac I would recommend you to do so.

@Bart I just upgraded to Monterey and it started working! Hopefully, it will get fixed on Catalina because I can’t update my iMac.


I can’t get Prezi to work/edit anymore after the latest update. I have attached the screenshot, the editing area is blank every time I start to choose a picture… Is there a lower version I can downgrade to? Please help!!

Hello @Lily_Wong, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

Hi Lily, the only thing that fixed it for me was to upgrade my Mac to Monterey. The issue seems to be with Catalina. Hope this helps!

Hello everyone,

The issue has been fixed, I would advise everyone to update their Prezi Video desktop app to the latest version.

Thank you. Just updated to 2.5.1 and can confirm that the import panel appears to work properly now (OSX 10.15.7).

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