[MAC] Prezi Video hangs in transparent mode with PPT import

Prezi video now hangs after importing a power point and going from side by side presentation to transparent - spinning wheel of death! Any suggestions? Using this on a MAC

Hello @Mark_Worster, could you please let me know your current Prezi Video version and the exact Mac OS version you have on your device?

Did you manage to import the same PPT in the previous version?

Hey Bart - I’m on a MAC running Big Sur V. 11.6.8 and Prezi V. 2.11.0

Thanks for the details @Mark_Worster.

Could you share the PPT file with me in a private message and/or create a screencast of what is happening exactly? Where do you see the spinning wheel exactly?

Sorry for the delay - was out of the country. I’ll give it another try in the morning and then update you!