[MAC] Syncing Classic local presentations to the cloud fails

Because Prezi Classic stops, I have to move my local presentations to Prezi Next. In order to do so, I first need to move my presentations from ‘Local presentations’ to ‘Synced presentations’ and then get these presentations synced so I can open them in the Prezi Next (according to Prezi’s manual). Small presentations are indeed synced by the Prezi Classic Desktop App, but larger presentations continuously give the following error: ‘Upload failed. Try again’. What should I do? Btw, I am using Prezi Classic on my Macbook.



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I have the same problem, my presentations don’t want to upload. I have a mac too.
By the way, is it possible to upload all the presentationsin a single move and not one by one ? thanks !!

I’m now trying to upload slides within a presentation and even that does not work (when the slide contains too many visuals)… I have 105 presentations… Please Prezi, help us out!! Especially as you have sent a single email on the 9th of June that Prezi Classic will end on the 31st of June… So, there will be people who have not read this email, or are on a holiday, only to find out that all their presentations are gone, forever.

yes ! I have 177

Dear Ghislaine (and other Mac users),

I have found a workaround! Export your presentations as .pez files. Find a Windows machine, install the Prezi Classic app, and log in. Now import the .pez files, and sync them. This works without the errors that Classic Prezi for Mac has. Good luck! The clock is ticking…

Hello all, could you please let me know what version of Operating System do you have on your Mac?

Do you experience any kind of issues opening these presentations or the only problem you face is the upload failing?

Hi Bart!

I currently have Mac OS Monterey 12.4. Opening Prezi Classic presentations has always given the issue of not loading certain images, but I accepted this as a fact.

‘Your image or video could not be loaded’
‘Technical details: id: 2000 the reason is: PreziError id: 2002 the reason is: ErrorEvent ioError Error #2035

Hello @Erik, thanks for the details. Does your PEZ export workaround work with these presentations as well?

Hello all,
Same issues here and no windows computer at hand in time to proces everything. I have over 140 presentations devided over 2 devices. Both won’t sync because of their size (I assume) because size was the reason to start working in desktop in the first place (almost 10 years ago). Because the browsers couldn’t handle them.

The only option I see at the moment is trying to make standalone prezi from all of them. But this means I wouldn’t be able to edit them anymore in the future :grimacing:

I hope there will be a solution and preferably one the can export them all at once. At the moment I’m working in macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

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Hello @Karine_Bartelle, could you please detail a bit more about what happens when you try to sync your presentations? I have a feeling that Erik above described two different issues with similar outcomes (no upload).

I’m sure that you should not experience the image loading issue on Mojave, so the issue might be something different.

No I think it is the same issue. I also think that size is ultimately (one of) the reason. The other one being that Prezi Classic already for a long time had issues with (external) images. I tried to sync a presentation with a single slide that only contained a dot. It synced. Ultimately, Mac users with Prezi Classic experience problems syncing their offline presentations.

Thanks, @erik! The image loading issue should only happen if you have Mac OS Catalina or newer, so that should not be the same issue as what @Karine_Bartelle has. Let’s see when she shares more details on the nature of the issue. :slight_smile:

Hi @Bart, it simply says “upload Failed” and gives the option “try again” with the same result in the end namely “upload Failed”.

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Thanks, @Karine_Bartelle, for the details. Do you have any issues loading images in these specific presentations that are failing to upload?

Hi @Bart, you mean in the desktop version? So far I haven’t experienced that yet. But I do know I have a serious amount of images in all of my presentations.

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Hello @Karine_Bartelle, yes, I’ve meant in the desktop application, as far as I remember you’ve mentioned these are local presentations in your Classic Desktop application.

If they are not having issues loading the images then it is most probably a different issue than what @Erik described.

Our team is looking into this case, and I will get back to you if I have any news.

Hi @Bart,

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have loading issues in the desktop application. It always runs pretty smooth, the only thing that didn’t work for a lot of my presentations in the past is syncing. But I never worried about it, since I was using them offline anyway. But now it’s posing a much larger issue, since time is so short before the app is discontinued. I’m really starting to worry about all my work/presentations now.
Is there any change of a kind a “grace” period beyond june 30th?!

Hope to hear from you.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for your note and we understand your concern.

We’ve incorporated a buffer time for the official shutdown date to ensure we can help users facing any technical difficulties.

As a first step, we recommend you sync your presentation directly (please avoid opening it as that could cause additional issues with your presentation). If syncing still doesn’t work, please let us know and we will contact you privately to find a solution.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi @Bart,

Thank you for incorporating some buffertime. It doesn’t make any difference if I open the presentation or try to sync directly. It has the same result. It won’t sync.

I hope I can manage to at least make standalone prezi’s (they keep on working right?) from all of them. But the process is quite time consuming.


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Hello @Karine_Bartelle, I’ll reach out to you privately.