Magnificent Floating Annotation Comment Bubble of Joy

Absolutely love the software!

Would be great to have a pop up tab which you can drop on top of a path point (frame). ie when you zoom in to a specific concept point with a frame, you can then pull up a tab with key points or ideas on it, whilst still viewing the info in your frame on the screen

This means you can keep the main flow of a presenation relatively un-cluttered and pull up bubbles with key points at key times. Their sizes would be editable and would only appear in the path so when presenting the viewer can’t see the detail at outset (a little like an excel comment you hover over though prezi-fied)

Hope this makes sense, and apologies if this is already possible or is within another thread! If it is possiible, let me know!

Thanks guys

Hi SuperRockingMrMagic,this is not possible at the moment within Prezi, although you could probably make it with some interactive flash objects and drop those in?

There are some interactive fades here which may be useful to hide things til the last moment… and some more here… these are not supported by Prezi though.