Maintaining background music quality when screen recording?


Hi there. I’ve just finished a Classic presentation that I’m happy to air on my Facebook business page. I’m aware that presentations cannot be directly embedded on my feed (I don’t want visitors to have to click a link - it decreases the likelihood of them watching it). So I made a screen recording of the presentation using QuickTime.

However, the quality of the background music became very ‘tinny’ and no longer sounds as professional as when I play it through Prezi directly.

Any tips on how to screen record while keeping the same sound quality?

Many thanks


@Trevor_Veale The quality of the recorded sound depends on the screencasting software, however, I can recommend you to create a screen recording without the audio and add the mp3 file afterwards in a video editing software. I hope this helps!


Hi Trevor, the best software for screen recording is Camtasia. The advantage is you can add the music separately and can control the sound level as necessary. It also supports separate tracks.
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