Make a Copy Button Missing

I have created a template for my students to use and have set it so that it is public and resusable. However, when I share the view link, I can’t seem to find where/how students can make a copy.

I have logged in as a student and opened the link, but I can only see the presentation. I do not know how to see this Prezi in the student’s dashboard either.


The copy button will not be visible when using the Share view link.

Instead simply copy the direct URL of your Prezi, this will load the Prezi in a different window with the copy button also visible:

  1. Right-click on your Prezi.
  2. Copy link address


Hi @Sara_Angel, the answer of @Prezibase should be correct, let us know if you face other issues with this. :slight_smile:

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This is the link I am getting when I copy the link address:

I am still not seeing a “make a copy” button.


The owner of a Prezi will always see the original Prezi view/edit mode

but when other people view your Prezi on this link, they will see a copy button like this:

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Thank you!