"Make a Copy" of a Presentation not working




Anyone else having problems with the windows desktop app not working when you want to copy an existing presentation? I solved the immediate issue by logging into my online Prezi and making a copy there for now…



Hi, @Peter_Baldwin. Sorry you are experiencing this. Could you please let us know what desktop app version you are using? And if it is not the latest one, could you please try updating it and letting us know if it still happens?


Hi - the app wouldn’t update so I have uninstalled, then downloaded and reinstalled it. Now 64 bit.

The copy of a presentation that I made (in the web based Prezi) shows up in the app now but will not download. Says “Download Failed”.



I have checked your account and everything seems to work correctly on our end. Could you please let me know the exact title of the presentation in question?


The presentation which will not download into my desktop app is called “UTAS general”.


We have sent you the links to the presentation in a private message via a social media channel.

Could you please make a copy of the presentation in the browser and see if the copy is fully accessible and downloadable in the app? If not, please let us know and we will take further action. Thank you.