Make a topic a subtopic

I’m looking the way to change the status of a slide from topic to subtopic of another topic, when I build up my presentation.
Is it possible, if yes how to do it?
Giorgio Giuliani

Hello, @Giorgio_Giuliani. Yes, it is possible.

Just copy the topic, go inside the other topic and paste it – this way it becomes a subtopic.

Urrah This time I was successful! Thank you Lana!

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Glad to hear it!

@Lana , would you be able to post this video again, or write out its contents? I have tried to play it on multiple browsers and multiple computers, and it seems to be in a funny format.

I have been trying to use the copy/paste method – to convert a topic to a subtopic of a different topic – without success.

@Sonia_Rowley, please see the example below:

I simply copied (CMD+C) and pasted (CMD+V) the topic.

Could you please let me know what is the issue which you run into exactly?

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Thank you! I have no idea why it wasn’t working the other night but I just tried again and it worked fine.

Thanks again for your response.


Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Hi, Can I change suptopics to Topics anyway?

Hello @Helene_Bjorklund, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You can copy the subtopic and paste it in the overview, so it becomes a topic :slight_smile: Let us know if you were able to do so!

Is there a way to convert a topic into a subtopic, while carrying over all the subtopic screens?

I realized that topic A would flow better within topic B. However, I’ve already edited topic A to include several subtopics. Another issue is topic B is in “stack” format while topic A is in “planet” format. Is there a way to do this without redoing everything?

Hello @Community_Planning, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check @Lana’s reply:

Hello community, now you can easily restructure your presentation by making your topic a subtopic or dragging a subtopic out to the overview to turn it into a topic in just a few seconds.

From the overview, simply drag the topic you’d like to make a subtopic onto the topic you want to merge it into:

To make your subtopic a main topic, click on the subtopic and drag it to the area indicated at the edge of the canvas to move it out to the overview. This works similarly with advanced subtopics as well - dragging them to this area moves them one level up in the topic hierarchy:

(Note: you can disable this function by holding down the CTRL/CMD key while moving your topics/subtopics)


Hi, I have already created around 10 topics. Now that I want to group the topics under 3 categories, I would like to add few already created topics under a newly created main topic. Is that possible without re-alignment of the entire structure?

Hi @Swetha_M, so you have 10 topics that you want to sort into let’s say 3 topics and put these 3 topics into one main topic right?

You can either create the main topic and the 3 categories and then copy paste the topics that you want to include, or you can use drag and drop on the category as shown here.

Hope this helps!

But the animations are not being imported to the new topic… Is there a way around?

Hi @Swetha_M, could you tell me which method did you use?

Hi @Bart, I tried both… but I don’t see animations coming along…

Hi @Swetha_M, as far as I see the animations are not copied with the topics themselves. You would need to redo the animation after copying.

I’ll pass this along to our product team seo they can check on the possibilities.

Sure @Bart… Thank you for the prompt response! Appreciate it!