Make a topic a subtopic



I’m looking the way to change the status of a slide from topic to subtopic of another topic, when I build up my presentation.
Is it possible, if yes how to do it?
Giorgio Giuliani


Hello, @Giorgio_Giuliani. Yes, it is possible.

Just copy the topic, go inside the other topic and paste it – this way it becomes a subtopic.


Urrah This time I was successful! Thank you Lana!


Glad to hear it!


@Lana , would you be able to post this video again, or write out its contents? I have tried to play it on multiple browsers and multiple computers, and it seems to be in a funny format.

I have been trying to use the copy/paste method – to convert a topic to a subtopic of a different topic – without success.


@Sonia_Rowley, please see the example below:

I simply copied (CMD+C) and pasted (CMD+V) the topic.

Could you please let me know what is the issue which you run into exactly?


Thank you! I have no idea why it wasn’t working the other night but I just tried again and it worked fine.

Thanks again for your response.


Glad I could help! :slight_smile: