Make an improved search mode in Prezi Explore

Who doesn’t like to explore all those magnificent Prezi designs out there… To get inspired, educated or just for fun. Too bad this ‘search’ is very limited at the moment and you always get to see the same Prezis at every top category. I can’t even find my own prezis unless I give the EXACT name. When I give my name I get lots of name - irrelevant prezis.

What I believe could be of value is an improved search mode, with a filter for : author/creator,
category (author can choose),

Also a way to get rid of the numerous empty prezis…

As I know it’s easy to be critical and give comments like this, as a Prezi - addict I feel this can have additional value. Because unless you share your precious public prezi, no one else will find it…

Mike - Prezist


You make a very good point. I completely agree with an improved or extended Search function within Prezi. We have been having issues with the feature not always coming up with prezis when searched, but occasionally. This is something the developers are working on to fix. As for the advanced search tool, I can’t say that we are working on it or when it would be released, but I think this is definitely something I can mention is important that our users have. Thank you for bringing it up.

Happy zooming,

I’m realy agree with Mike!

Like Mike, I’m a Prezi addict, and I love all the functionality of this wonderful product.  PLEASE improve the search function!!  This suggestion was made SIX YEARS AGO, and the search function is just as limited as it ever was.  Please add improved search modes and filters so that we can search by author, subject, date created, etc.  Like Mike said, I can’t even find my own Prezis unless I type the exact title.  I’m a high school teacher and I would like it if my students could find my Prezis so that they can use them for review or when they are absent.  PLEASE and thank you!