Make objects non clickable during presentation



I am making my first prezi and have a minor question.
Is it possible to make objects in the presentation non-clickable? I misclick many times and open an object which I don’t want to open at that certain time.



Hello, @Pieter_Baeyens. I see how that could be useful, however, as objects in Prezi Next are designed to be clickable (topics or such elements as symbols and images), I am afraid, currently it is not possible.


If I understand correctly, you want to have an object on the overview to be visible but you don’t want to zoom to it in the event that you click on it. You can place content on the overview (or on any topic or subtopic) without having to put it into a clickable topic. Instead of inserting a topic, insert a shape or an image. This will be visible on your screen but will not zoom in when you click on it. If you want it to zoom in as you advance through your prezi, you can add that same object as a Zoom To animation. This will zoom to it but only when you reach that point in your presentation.

Hope this helps,