Make paths loop back to beginning - a continuous, closed loop

Add an option to have the presentation loop infinitly, so that you could set up a computer as an informational kiosk. At the end of the path, the next button takes you back to the beginning - a closed, circular path. Right now, once the path is complete, the next button does nothing, even if the path leads you back to the frame that is also the beginning of the path.
The fullscreen button would have to be disabled, so that users could not minimize the prezi window and access the computer. (user interaction would be through mouse/touchscreen only, users would not have access to the keyboard). Keyboard inputs still work so administrators could esc out of full screen mode to do maintenance.

This works today!

Press and hold the bottom right arrow button - choose an interval from the popup menu, and it will loop forever!

Yes great! But if used for informational kiosk, the ability to exit out of the loop still exists with any of the buttons in the lower right.
Here is how I want to use Prezi in my community urban design projects: Give the presentation to a large audience of my peers and clients. Then, leave the presentation on display for the community to view as they want. When a city unveils plans for a downtown development, they usually have a public exhibit so the residents can see it and provide input. Prezi would be great for this as an informational kiosk. but, any interactive element that lets you exit the presentation window needs to be disabled.

i see - we’ll think about this

for now, for kiosk mode you can use a browser extension like…

I agree with Frederick. I would like to use Prezi for a self-running offline presentation that starts spontaneously, continuously loops and cannot be interrupted by viewers! Is this possible?


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I would also like to know the answer to Elliot’s question above - I would like to use Prezi for a self-running offline presentation and loops continuously and cannot be interrupted by viewers (to run on a screen at a kiosk in the background) I would like to know if this is possible, and how to do it.

Is it possible to use Prezi to automatically start and loop indefinitely. I am working for a clinic that would like to have informational screens and videos play continuously during office hours.

Hi Angela,

just use autoplay:…

it will loop indefinitely


Conflicting information…

Autoplay is great and WILL Loop IF you DON’T have a VO track on any frame in the path.

IF you have a VO it will REMOVE the clock in the presentation tool bar. AND the option to loop is NOT available.

Without the VO, the videos I need to share will only play for the 4,10, 20 time duration before the path advances to the next frame.

How can I have videos run their duration with a VO track AND have the path loop from last frame to first frame, starting things over?

Hi Adam. Is the “bottom right arrow button” you refer to in the desktop version only? I can’t seem to find it in the online editor. Do I need to be in “Edit Path” mode to close the loop? I don’t want to auto play, I’d like for the prezi to go back to the beginning manually. Köszönöm.