Make the most out of free subtopics

Great news, no more subtopics on an arc! Now you can easily set the subtopics free and make your presentation even more personalised and elaborate by arranging your subtopics whichever way you want.

Let us look step-by-step at a relatively complex example presentation with multiple free subtopics.

Start with the title. By keeping the topic visual visible inside and outside, we can design the topic cover in a way that the title remains as we zoom in:

Moving on to the first topic. First of all, note that the image is rotated and so is the zoom area around it. It creates a bit of dynamics but not too much. (Watch out for that infamous motion sickness!)[8649c7c655e6c846c99bce662a9b9d30]_Image%202018-07-10%20at%207.31.52%20PM.png

Now we can free those subtopics. You can do so by changing the structure type in the top menu from ‘Aligned’ to ‘Personalised’:

As the image and the zoom area are tilted, so are the subtopics – we want to make sure the elements are set in one direction.[21e50b253fbfb233c28f63463feb8781]_Image%202018-07-10%20at%203.30.26%20PM.png

Once we go inside the subtopics, there is also some space for playing with the objects’ structure. Such as utilising zoom areas and fade-ins to our best advantage, for example. Please feel free to take a close look at the animations on the right.

The same technique is used in the next subtopic:

In the next subtopic we decided to go one layer deeper and add (free-placed!) sub-subtopics that have more zoom areas and fade-ins of their own.

The fourth subtopic has zoom areas and fade-ins as well, and in this one there is a very minimised text. Instead of placing very small text into a very small zoom area, we recommend grouping the text and the zoom area and minimising everything together:[95e0e0e37e11c37aee3a5e7a7ba37485]_Image%202018-07-10%20at%203.40.06%20PM.png

The next subtopic has a complex list of animation as you can see:

First the surface is covered by multiple faded-in circles and then there is a sequence with fading one animation out and another animation in:

Also, please note a little trick. We wanted to have a ‘sleeping’ image, and as we didn’t have a default one, we just turned to using thin lines from ‘Arrows and lines…’ menu and adding them on top of the image to create an effect of closed eyes:[7c5ec893cdc24610cf891fd5275e4c2c]_Image%202018-07-10%20at%203.48.24%20PM.png

The last subtopic in this sequence also has a similar alteration described above: the heads of both figures are replaced by circles to create a helmet effect.

Moving on to the next topic, we can see yet another example of free placement of subtopics, this time they are free-floating on an orbit:

First a zoom area is used to give a brief explanation, and after that the subtopics are revealed.

Finally, in the very last topic, the subtopics with transparent covers are once again placed freely (and strategically), in such a way that their content fits the placement well.[5addfb53872ac4efb254a98bd40f16be]_Image%202018-07-10%20at%203.55.39%20PM.png

The first one has a good spot for a zoom:

The second one has enough place for an animation:

And finally, the last one is just logically placed at the very bottom of the image and only has a little animation added to it:

YES finally! Great stuff!