Make Use of Wireless Presenter's Extra Buttons

Wireless Presenters often have got extra buttons: F5/Esc for going Fullscreen and B for showing a black screen in Powerpoint.

(Example Presenter: “Trust Preme Wireless Laser Presenter”)

What could the extra buttons be used for in Prezi?

Suggestion: B could zoom out to show the overview.

Hi there,

Thanks for the input. I think adding more shortcuts for presenters is a good idea and will forward this to our development team for consideration. We have just implemented the ESC button to exit show mode, does this happen while using your clicker?


Yes that works.

My presenter has got an interesting feature with that button: the first time you press it, it sends F5, the second time ESC, and so on (as starting the presentation in Powerpoint works with F5).

So you could assign going fullscreen to F5.


I would definitely second a “b” for black screen. We definitely need to be able to black the screen during presentations. Almost every book, blog post or lecture on presenting recommends the use of a black screen at various points.


Hi everyone ,
well I have a question : where could I buy a wireless presenter which work with Prezi ?