Make your words look FONTastic - A guide to using text in presentations

We here at Prezi firmly believe in visual communication and in the power of pictures that can tell entire stories, not to mention visualising spatial relations that can show how ideas are connected.

Even though this type of presenting was proven to be more effective and powerful compared to bullet points and slides, it is possible that you still need to include the main learnings of your story in the form of words in a presentation.

Here are a few tips on the use of text in Prezi presentations and some fun ways you can make your text look FONTastic!


There are 3 types of fonts you’ll find in our collection. In typography and lettering, a sans serif, gothic or simply sans letterform is the one that does not have extending features called serifs at the end of strokes. A serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. A typeface with serifs is called a serif typeface. A decorative style is artistic and eye-catching in a way that wasn’t considered previously.


When choosing and pairing fonts (title/subtitle+body text) in your presentation, there are two easy rules you should consider:

  • Sans serif and serif fonts usually work well together
  • If you don’t want to make your text too overwhelming and “in the face”, pair decorative fonts with sans serif ones


It is also important to keep in mind how and where you put your text boxes. Use your text as a complementary aid next to your visuals. Let your images and charts speak and only put the most important keywords on the canvas to make sure it doesn’t distract the viewers but they still remember the key points of your presentation.


You might already have some preferences when it comes to fonts, here is a chart that can come handy when you want to find your favourite font’s sibling in Prezi.


By following these simple guidelines and with a few simple design tricks, you can make your text visually appealing and more memorable. Here are a couple of fresh ideas for you:

  • Underline your text or frame it with lines
  • Make it 3D by duplicating the text box, changing the colour and placing it on the original, just slightly moving it to the left/right
  • Play around with shapes, use them to emphasise the most important elements of the presentation
  • Use icons and symbols to add some extra colour to your text