Make youtube video start and end at specific times


How do I include a specific time, that’ll my imported youtube video will start and stop? I don’t want the entire video to be in the presentation, but only 20 seconds in the middle of it.


This is not a feature available in Prezi and as far as I know is only available on Youtube itself. If you were able to obtain the video from the owner for offline use, then you could edit it before inserting it into your presentation.


@vera do you pre-load the youtube video or do you stream - because it seems that including a few tags to the URL would pull in the Youtube with a start time. See ?t= tag


@Andrew_Dasys @vera agreed with Andrew, I swear I’ve been able to accomplish (a chosen start point) in the past, but it may have been in a Classic presentation? Would that matter?


Unfortunately, the current YouTube API does not support the embedding of such links (with start time and/or end time) to a presentation.



I’m trying to insert a youtube video to start at a specific point, have obtained the link from youtube, including the start specifier like:
However Prezi Next just ignores the start specifier and plays it from the start which isn’t what I want.

How do I do this?


Hi, @rob_pickering, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. All videos play from the beginning when taken from Youtube. We could recommend an inserted screencast from a third party app. Or, alternatively, you can create a YouTube video that starts with that placement instead.


Aargh, yet another really basic feature where the answer is “you can’t do that in Prezi Next you have to figure out how to lash something up outside our software”. Your answer above in this thread about how this is because it isn’t possible in the YouTube API would seem to be incorrect according to See ‘startSeconds’ and ‘endSeconds’ in the player object definition.


This would appear not to be true:


@rob_pickering, please know, we do not supporting all Youtube APIs in our editor. However, I have forwarded the request for YouTube videos to start at a specific time to the responsible team.