Making a Copy


The other day while searching Prezi presentations on Google, it was allowing me to download and make a copy of presentations that others had made. After making a copy I was able to then edit. Trying to it now and that option isn’t showing up on and of the presentations I’m opening.


I am also having this issue.


I am back to Prezi after 1 year. I was searching for a Prezi and was trying to save and copy, but the website is not showing that option now. Can someone tell why is it happening? Has Prezi deleted that feature?


We are currently revamping the feature, as soon as it’s done, we’ll make sure to make an update here. Sorry for any inconvenience in connection to that!


I’m with the same problem, What’s the expected time to resolve this?
Thank you


We cannot provide the exact date, however, our team is working on it and we’ll update the thread as soon there are any news.