Making subtopics visible on the overview

I’m trying to create a systems map and would like for my “subtopics” (I’m using fake subtopics or shapes around the planets) to be visible on the home page after I’ve zoomed into the topic.

This way, as I go, the subtopics are visible as I progress through the main topics, and when I’ve gone through all topics, all of the subtopics are visible on the home presentation screen.

Is there a way to unhide subtopics on the home screen once you’ve progressed through the topics? Possibly an animation feature?


Hi @Clare_Healy, welcome to the community forum! :slight_smile:

This could be solved by adding similar shapes to your overview that you fade in meanwhile you are in a different view. It is not possible, unfortunately, to make your subtopics visible outside of the topics.

You can also use Zoom Areas and Fade In animations in general without any topics, so by progressing through your presentation your canvas fills up with content.

I hope this helps!