Making the screen go black on purpose

There are NOT many features from Powerpoint/Keynote I wish Prezi had, but here is a simple one I do: using the “B” key to get the screen to go black. This is useful to make sure your path is right and make any adjustments without having participants already in the room see (if you are thinking you should do this before connecting the projector, the issue is that when you connect often the resolution and display changes, so you can’t be sure things have stayed the same; and often times is not possible to cover the projector or turn it off temporarily)

Hi there,

This is a useful feature. I will forward it to our developers for consideration. I can not promise a timeline though.

Thank you for the post, we really appreciate knowing what our users want and need.


Great! Thanks, David!

Agree with Roel about the halfway use; aligned with the overall philosophy of Prezi of helping you deliver an outstanding and engaging presentation, being able to turn off the screen goes a long way (I teach in a room that has a remote for the projector(s) with an “image-mute” button, but that is certainly not a standard). I heard some remotes used to advance slides have this B(lack)/W(white) feature (most likely they can be programmed with the corresponding PP function) - In any case, it would be great to be able to control it from the remote.


Here you go:…

Keyboard B makes it go black and keyboard R makes it all visible again. If its useful I’ll do a white version too.

You can download and use in your own prezi’s its free :slight_smile:

PS i let the URL link visibale all the time if anyone wants to click to download