Map backgrounds

It would be great if you could create a world map as a background. Many talks involve geography, and so it would be great to navigate around using a map that can be zoomed in very close…

easy, you can download a map here:…
and import this to your prezi (convert to swf or pdf)

Dear Sarah,

if you would like to always move the map then use Till’s suggestion. If you would like a stable, not moving background I can help you with custom hacks.

Don’t use jpg or png as zoomed map because pixel images can’t be scaled nicely.

If you experience stange camera movement (not smoothy enough) drop me a lines: Prezi has a bug that causes strange movements if you are very zoomed. It this case you have to scale up all of your content.


Dear Peter,

Can I have one custom hacked world map background? I really need it in my presentations. Thank you very much.

my username in Prezi is yujen lien, thanks!


would you like to use the map as a fix background (no zooming)?


I would like to use it to zoom. I often end up presenting on ‘world events’, so it would be good to zoom around by country, zooming on on names or photos or videos from relevant region. I know jpgs pixelate out.

I will check those maps. My current computer (I don’t think) can convert to pdf, but can get someone else to do it. (I am not so computer savvy)

Hey, I also need a world map to zoom in! Can anyone help me or give me one?
Thanks Fabian

hi Fabian Bazlen, there is a couple of world maps here (vector for zooming in) which you may like to use - just open copy the Prezi - edit and copy and paste.…



Thank you very much John for helping me! I found a really good Map on this Prezi.
Happy new year

I would like one too, and what do you mean by hacked?

here you go copy and use as you wish…

What about a United States only map with state boundaries and important cities/towns? Anyone know how to do that?

Hello Naomi Leary

I just Googled American State maps and found lots -… - if you can download the image you could use that (please check if copyright free though)




Does anyone have any templates for maps of Europe?


Hi All, 

When you create a new prezi and go to, you will have a style switcher that will show you all the newest templates our prezi designers created recently.
For now we have one called “World map 1” available for our users.

If you feel like, you can also search other templates from different users at, and search by keyword for e.g map, and if you select “show reusable prezis only”, you can save a copy of any prezi on that page and start working on it.

Hope that helps.
Kind regards,