Mass Remove Myself from Shared Prezis


As an educator, I have my students add me as either a viewer or a collaborator on any Prezis they present for assessment. Once I have assessed their work, they can then remove me as a viewer/collaborator.

Even with students being informed to stop sharing their Prezis with me, at the end of every semester I am left with dozens of shared Prezis in my account from students that have failed to remove my permissions on their Prezis.

My understanding of Prezi’s current configuration, is that the only way to have these shared Prezis removed from my account is to go in one-by-one and remove myself as a viewer/collaborator. Is this really the ONLY way to perform this function? Are there no other options in an admin console or anywhere else in the dashboard to apply changes to a large number of Prezis all at once?

As an EduPro Prezi user for over a decade, I have created and amassed over 100 Prezis for use in my lectures. However, every semester I often have dozens of additional student-shared Prezis that always appear in my All presentations view.

It takes SIX clicks per Prezi to remove myself as a viewer/collaborator, and it is a phenomenal carpal tunnel inducing waste of time at the start or end of every semester to have to click over 400 times (my current task with over 70 shared Prezis sitting in my profile. (!!!)) to remove all those shared Prezis and get my account back to showing me only Prezi’s created by me. (And no, I do not consider the “just click on the ‘Created by me’ option in the dropdown list, EVERY time you open Prezi” to be a legitimate solution. That’s akin to sweeping ones dust, debris, and other garbage, under the sofa, instead of actually cleaning it out proper.

Almost every other cloud-based system—where users are dealing with a large number of files—gives the option of applying actions in mass to checked files. Prezi doesn’t have this feature?


Hello @BOB_PERKINS, currently it is only possible to remove shared presentations one by one. I apologize for any inconvenience and will forward your feedback to our developers. As a workaround I would suggest adding these shared presentations as well as your personal ones to folders, so that you can access them separately.