Mathematical typesetting in Prezi

While I like the Prezi concept I am a mathematics lecturer and I need to be able to typeset maths quickly and easily. Is there a plug-in for Prezi that uses LaTeX formatting?

I have the same problem.  I am a highschool math teacher and I need to be able to use mathematical formulas and symbols in my presentations.

Is there a math type for prezi and what version is that?

Please take a look at mathjax: ever since someone wrote that, having sophisticated math on websites has become simplicity itself. It would be great to have that in Prezi too.

Hi Vera, I ́m also using this feature at codecogs.

However, when I see the presentation at Android, sometimes the formulas seem to dissapear as you zoom in / out.

No problem with PC version.

Did you get the same issue?


It is simpler, in fact, to use LaTeX to generate all the necessary formulas in, say, a pdf file and then use a snipping tool to pick up each of them as an image. This is, however, just a little too much work - especially now that PowerPoint implements the equation editor.

Dear Andre,

Could you send us the link for the prezi which contains the objects which are not displayed?
Thank you very much.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

Minha apresentação no prezi está começando agora.

Acompanhe remotamente a partir de seu celular ou computador:…

Hi Istvan! Please take a look if you can access the presentation. Thanks!

I would like to warn that the recommended website doesn’t work since a while.

Maybe we should push for a bug fixing.

Thanks all