Memory issues

I am using Prezi on a 2014 MacBookPro. I always get app or page using too much memory warning. It may get too slow and because of heating fan is working like crazy and draining the battery. Is there a trick to avoid memory problem?

hi @Cenk_Tezel, could you please let me know if you are using Prezi Video or Prezi Next?
Are you using the Desktop application, or the browser version? Can you send me a screenshot of the “About this Mac” window in the menu in your top left corner (under the apple logo)?


I have the same trouble more or less, everywhere. Prezi Next and Video, seldom in Design too. For next and video web or app doesn’t differ. I guess it’s a graphic issue. I even tried to reduce screen resolution when using Prezi. The difference was miniscule.

About page is attached below.


Hi @Cenk_Tezel, the error message you have mentioned is a Safari browser specific error message.

What do you mean that you get the same result using the desktop application for Next or Video?

In case you are accessing Prezi from a browser, then I would recommend you to install Google Chrome and try to use our products there as they are optimised the most.

Hi again;

I mean when I am editing a presentation or video with desktop app still too much memory is in use. Attached is the memory usage with active Prezi Next desktop app editing.

Hi @Cenk_Tezel, Thanks for the screenshot.
As your computer has 8GB of Memory, 321MB used by Prezi should not cause any performance issues.
Does this cause any issues with the editing or the computer itself?