Merging accounts


Hello. I had created an edu account a few years ago; I forgot about it. Currently, I created a presentaion using free/basic features with a gmail account. Now that I have realized my “mistake”, I would like to know how I can merge presentations done with my gmail account to my edu account, to have everything in one place and with the pros of an edu account…


Hi, do you have access to both Prezi accounts? Because in that case, you can just share all the presentations you have recently created with your older account.


Hi Lana! Thank you for your prompt reply. My older account was created with my university e-mail. I am a professor. Not sure if it counts as an “edu” account, because in Brasil our public universities do not have “edu” in the address, it is just the "". I would like to have all presentations in my university/edu account. How do I share presentations between accounts? If there is info or tutorial please just point me to that… Cheers!


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