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Hello. I had created an edu account a few years ago; I forgot about it. Currently, I created a presentaion using free/basic features with a gmail account. Now that I have realized my “mistake”, I would like to know how I can merge presentations done with my gmail account to my edu account, to have everything in one place and with the pros of an edu account…


Hi, do you have access to both Prezi accounts? Because in that case, you can just share all the presentations you have recently created with your older account.


Hi Lana! Thank you for your prompt reply. My older account was created with my university e-mail. I am a professor. Not sure if it counts as an “edu” account, because in Brasil our public universities do not have “edu” in the address, it is just the "". I would like to have all presentations in my university/edu account. How do I share presentations between accounts? If there is info or tutorial please just point me to that… Cheers!


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Is it possible to merge two Prezi Accounts?

I have an older account with the ability to create Prezi Classic presentations, and a newer one without that ability - but with presentations from Prezi Next I want to retain. I would like to have a single account.


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@Brennan_Chapman I would recommend you to add your old account with access to both Prezi Classic and Prezi Next as a collaborator with edit rights to each presentation in your newer account.

After this, create a copy of said presentations in your new account and then you will be able to delete the original presentations or the account itself as you will have the copies of the presentations in your dual account and will be able to continue editing them there + create new presentation both in Prezi Classic and in Prezi Next.


Thanks @Agnes! That worked perfectly.




There are topics relevant to merging but I did not find them helpful…

My question is: we have some presentations on two different accounts and with like to merge ALL presentations into one account. Is this possible? If so, what are the steps?

Please advise!

Thank you!


@TIM_School_Coordinat please follow the suggestions of Agnes above. It should work regardless of which product you use. I hope it helps!


@Vanda Yesterday I did practically the same thing following another guide on the Prezi support website to merge my old account into my new one. But in the other guide it didn’t say to copy the presentations afterwards.
Now my old account is deleted and when I checked into my new account this morning everything was gone.

Is there any way I could acces these presentations I had on my old account?
Theres quite some time put into those presentations and if theres any way to get to these presentations I’d be really relieved because right now I don’t have enough time to start over and my exams are in two days.

Any help appreciated!



@Lukas_Nau, please know that if you have deleted the account without making copies of the presentations in the new one, there is nothing we can do, unfortunately.