Merging presentations

What is the simplest way to merge several presentations in to one. So each presentation is linked

Hi @John_TVS, even though you cannot literally merge presentations as the templates together with the background image etc. cannot be copied, you can select all your topics and other objects on the canvas all at once and copy them to another presentation.

Let’s say you have a presentation with 4 topics, you can copy these and insert in another presentation inside a topic and this way the first presentation becomes the subtopic section of one of the new presentation’s topics. You can also insert them to the overview, in this case, they will be included in the path of the other presentation as new topics.

I hope this helps!

I have a Prezi that I want to insert into another Prezi to make one large Prezi. How can I do that?


Hi @Mark_Zeigler, I merged your post into the relevant thread, please see my response above.

Having the ability to combine two, three or more prezi presentations that were created from different templates would really take Prezi Next to the next level. I am actually very surprised to find out that this cannot be done easily with an import feature. Prezi would be much more valuable, especially to those in the field of instructional design, if this was possible. Currently this limitation forces me to use other methods and software when I am up against a deadline. I use multiple prezis and need to piece them together when creating training videos and eLearnings, but the ability to combine them beforehand would make the task easier, faster and much more efficient. Please consider developing a feature that would allow us to combine multiple templates into a single Prezi! Please, and Thank you!

Hello @Ted_Gonzalez, thank you for your feedback. Currently the workaround to this is to copy-paste topics from one presentation into the other, however I understand the importance of this feature request. I will make sure to forward it to our developers. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.